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How to install Satellite internet in your home?

Installing a satellite Internet system is something that should be left to a professional installer to do unless you are an experienced DIY enthusiast.

I have a friend that is a “Starlink satellite internet installation service” engineer that could help you if you are interested in looking further into this.

In this post, I will explain how to DIY install a satellite internet system in your home, step by step.

When we hear about installation, in this case of satellite internet, the first thing that comes to mind is: Works? How long will it take? First of all, you should know that this type of installation, carried out by specialized technicians, is usually carried out in a maximum time of between three and four hours.

What is needed for the installation?

We actually only need a satellite dish, which is very similar to what is used for satellite TV, and a router. We will only need these two elements to perform the installation.

Is there a lot of work to do?

On the contrary, the installation of satellite internet is very simple and does not require any type of work. We will only place the antenna outside the house and a router inside it. With these simple steps we will already be able to have internet in our house.

  1. Mount the bracket and antenna.

The technician will begin the process by assembling the elements that make up the antenna.

It is a parabolic that measures approximately 80 centimeters in diameter and is mainly composed of the reflector, the support, the mast and the transmitter.

  1. Installation the antenna.

After mounting the antenna, our technicians will find the best place to install the antenna. As is logical, it will be placed in the place where the satellite broadcasts are best received. This, normally, whenever possible, will be done on the roof of the house.

The only requirement for the installation of satellite internet is that we have a clear view of the sky, since the satellites are in orbit around the earth.

This vision is essential for the satellite signal to be as clear and crisp as possible.

  1. Installation and configuration of the router

After placing the antenna, we will only need a transmitter of the Internet signal that comes from the satellite, in this case, the router that we will place inside the house.

We will connect the cables from the antenna to the router, and only the orientation and synchronization of the information would be left to have satellite internet in our house.

  1. Orientation of the antenna.

The next step, once we have configured the router, is the most important moment of the installation: the pointing of the antenna.

In colloquial terms, this aiming of the antenna consists of orienting and rotating the reflectance to the exact position that guarantees the best possible signal. This will depend on the GPS position of our home.

  1. Reboot, sync and test.

Finally, to complete the installation of our Internet satellite, we will restart the entire system, synchronize all the information and carry out a thorough test that confirms the quality of the Internet contracted by the client.

Easy, without works and in less than 4 hours

As you can see, the installation of satellite Internet is very easy to carry out by a specialized technician. With hardly any works and in just four hours, you will be enjoying an Internet connection.