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How to organize winter clothes in your wardrobe

We have already changed the season and we have to start taking winter clothes out of the wardrobe . This is always a hassle, so if you haven’t already, here are some tips.

It is very important to have all the winter clothes very well organized because, being thicker fabrics, they occupy much more in the wardrobe and it can be difficult for us to fit everything and know where everything is.

Check the available space

We should always start by reviewing all the clothes from the previous season, it seems obvious but surely there is some item that you have in the back of the wardrobe and you don’t even remember it. Even with the label on!

As you take out the clothes, organize them in blocks so that later it is easier to organize them: sweaters, coats, pants, …

Warm clothes

Sweaters are very nice and warm in winter, but they take up a lot of wardrobe space .

Do not hang them on hangers because if they are knitted they can be stretched. The best option is to fold them, even if they take up more space.

You can put them in drawers or on removable shelves to be able to extract them and see all the sweaters you have at a glance.

The trousers can be hung on hangers or add trouser racks to your wardrobe to make the most of the space.

Surely you have ever gone to get a pair of pants in a store and all the others have dislodged. The trouser racks allow them to be kept in order and without wrinkles.

The coats also in order

Coats are by far the garment that occupies the most space in our wardrobes.

The one you use daily you can hang in the entrance hall, but it is not recommended to accumulate coats at the entrance. The ideal is to have them all on the same hanger separated from the rest of the clothes.

A good idea is to take advantage of the high space in the cabinets by installing a drop bar.

The solution for boots

In winter we usually wear boots , the higher they are, the warmer they are and the more space they take up.

Boots are always a problem because in shoe racks they usually don’t fit without folding them and we don’t want them to get damaged, but we have the solution!

The coat racks for boots allow you to store them without deformation in the walk-in wardrobe.

Winter accessories at your fingertips

Scarves, hats and gloves are a common problem of space .

The scarves can be folded and stored in the drawer or you can also hang them on a hanger. In the rush when leaving home we always take the first scarf we have on hand and, sometimes, it is not the one we would have liked.

It is best to have the scarves hanging to have them in view.

Hats and gloves do not need to be collected in the wardrobe, you can place them at the entrance , as they are the last thing we take when we leave the house and the first thing we take off when we arrive.

With these tricks you no longer have to fear taking out your winter clothes!