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How to Turn a Garage Into a Home Environment

How to turn a garage into a home environment

Sometimes can happen that the house is small for some reason and the garage needs to be transformed into another environment, so that’s when you’ll need to convert garage to a useable space , the great news is that this is something that can be done, and if you have some experience, with the right knowledge you can do it yourself. Let’s help you with some ideas on how to do it.

Sometimes the needs are different, from an office, a workplace, a dining room, a living room, a workshop, a gym, a games room, a study or another environment.

First of all, we must empty the garage and clean it. Next, evaluate certain things:

  • Is it damp?
  • Do we want to leave the entrance gate or cover it?
  • Is the floor you have useful?

If it is damp, you have to insulate the walls by buying some insulating material and since it is sold in rolls, it should be stapled to the walls and, if necessary, to the ceiling. Insulating plates are also available.

If you want to leave the original garage exit gate, of course, it should be covered either with a wooden wall, durlock or at least with a wall-to-wall rod with a curtain, thus covering the space.

If the floor is made of granite, ceramic or micro cement, it can be used, otherwise the ideal is to cover it with carpet or with a floating floor, which is placed directly on the existing floor.

Finally, you will need to think about the appropriate painting and the decoration and lighting according to the use you will give it. Be it a bedroom, a living room, a playroom. In this way, the garage will be transformed into a very useful environment.

Undoubtedly, that garage that is not used can be transformed into a usable environment in the house. Whether it’s an extra bedroom, an extension of the living room, a playroom or turning it into other necessities.

How to transform a garage into an apartment

An unused garage can be transformed into an apartment and in this way, you can enjoy all its benefits, since you can rent it or if you carry it out in your parents’ house, you can have your first apartment without spending so much.

First of all, what you must do is obtain the mandatory permits from the town hall since although you are not going to build a new structure, you will modify the original plans of the house. Then you will have to start thinking and laying out your new apartment.

Keys to this transformation

  • The floor for your apartment

The garage floor is usually slightly sloped so that the water drains better, so you better see how difficult the slope is. If you want to fix it, you will have to hire a specialist to level it well with a concrete subfloor.

If you cannot afford the placement of ceramic or perhaps wooden floor, painting the concrete with matte enamel is an excellent option.

  • The garage door for your apartment

You must think very well what you are going to do with the large garage door. The simplest thing is to leave it and use it as a front door, but in itself, it becomes quite complicated when it is a lift gate, because when you open the door, your apartment will be completely exposed.

In the event that you have a common gate, through which you can enter through one of the leaves, you can leave it, as long as you seal all its sides well so that the cold does not enter.

  • The walls for your apartment

If this is a garage for a car, the walls can remain the same, except that it does not have any type of insulation, which you would have to place to avoid being too cold or too hot.

Making an apartment in a garage is not as crazy an idea as it seems, it is a great way to create a home in a space intended for other functions.