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Ideas To Help You Organize Your Laundry

Laundry is a common task in every home, but with the rush and the daily rhythm we accumulate all the clothes in the laundry basket without any order and when we want to put on our favorite shirt it is in the pile of clothes dirty.

After washing we do the same, we take the clothes from the clothesline and accumulate them in a pile until it is time to iron. Clothes wrinkle and it costs us twice as much to iron or fold them.

It is also important to plan weekly washing machines to reduce waste and save energy, in addition to saving time, because nobody likes to spend all day putting washing machines, right?

The ideal is to put 2 or 3 washing machines a week , one day with colored clothes, another with white clothes and if necessary one with sheets and towels.

Laundry basket

Many people have several laundry baskets scattered around the house, but it is best to leave the whole family dirty clothes in the same room. So when you put the washing machine on, you don’t have to pick up clothes from all the rooms.

Have a basket for dirty laundry with two departments to separate the color and white or place two baskets if you have enough space.

It will save you from having to separate all the clothes every time you put on the washing machine.

Tend correctly

When it comes to hanging clothes, it is very important to do it well so that it does not wrinkle . If we save on ironing some clothes, all the better.

Try to hang your shirts on hangers with the collar button fastened and the cuffs well stretched.

Shake t-shirts and pants before hanging and use non-marking clothespins.

The socks always hang them paired , then you save a lot of time looking for lost socks.

When you pick up your clothes from the clothesline, put them in a basket while you wait to be ironed, otherwise it always ends up in the dining room chair.

Ironing time

The iron is usually the least liked task , so the easier we put it, the better.

Before starting you have to prepare all the utensils to have them at hand. Iron, ironing board, ironing water spray and hangers to hang the most wrinkled garments.

If you have enough space, it is also highly recommended to put a bar to hang the clothes that are being ironed to keep the clothes without wrinkles and neat.

All this will help you to be more efficient and finish as soon as possible because closing the closet after placing the last ironed garment … is to celebrate!

These tips are sure to help make laundry and ironing a lot easier.