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Programmatic Advertising on Wearables, TV and Online Radio

Programmatic advertising is already an essential part of the digital ecosystem that expands in all kinds of formats.

The market share of programmatic advertising has not stopped growing in recent years. Well, it has many advantages for advertisers: more precision, saving time, resources, better ROI, etc., and even though the renowned company Ranwell Productions normally associates it with display ads in online media, this advertising is conquering new spaces such as wearables, television and online radio.

Programmatic advertising on wearables

Wearables, those electronic devices that we “wear” to always be with us, are beginning to form part of the programmatic advertising environment. From smartwatches to connected sneakers, the world of wearables has been developing and companies are aware of that. Wearables are a very suitable location for programmatic advertising since these devices generate a large amount of data about the user who wears them.

This data feeds programmatic advertising campaigns and gives us the opportunity to optimize marketing campaigns with maximum precision. The wearables industry is booming right now, forecast to grow at 15.9% per year between 2020 and 2027. The internet of things and connected devices are becoming more popular while consumers are becoming more willing to use these technologies. Smart watches are more common, but there is also an interesting market in products such as fitness trackers, smart glasses and wearables.

Programmatic television advertising

This growth can be explained by the paradigm shift that these platforms have brought about with respect to traditional television. And that has come to completely change our entertainment landscape. One hurdle advertisers face is that video ads that interrupt content are not well received. Many of the users have already paid a subscription fee to the service, believing that in return they deserve a traditional ad-free experience.

It is necessary to find new ways to connect with the audience. A very popular format in this type of content is product placement. Here, the brand is integrated into the story and therefore does not generate rejection among users. But without a doubt, the great revolution in programmatic advertising on television will be on shoppable TV. It is a new format in which purchases are integrated into the viewing experience. In the years to come, we hope that programmatic advertising on TV will offer us new ways to connect with viewers. Non-intrusive, highly personalized and relevant to them.

Online radio and podcast

Online radio and podcasts have become very popular among users. 65% of podcast listeners have started consuming them in the last 3 years, a fact that tells us about their growth. Podcast consumers listen to podcasts for an average of 6 hours and 30 minutes a week, which is almost an hour every day.

Programmatic audio ads can be found in podcasts, but also in article playback and streaming music. In any case, it is an opportunity to connect with consumers through a habit that is highly integrated into their daily lives. The algorithms and big data they use in programmatic advertising allow them to go beyond the typical intrusive radio ads. And also, offer really relevant content for the audience.