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Recommendations To Save On Household Services

One of the best ways to start saving is to cut down on expenses, and household expenses are the first thing you should look at.

To begin with, the recommendation is that you regularly check all the facilities in your home, be it electricity, water or gas pipes. This is because many times there are small leaks that could be increasing consumption.

Lower The Electricity Bill

Since you have made sure that the installation does not present any problems, there are some other strategies that you can follow to reduce the consumption of light:

Disconnect everything. Many of the devices continue to consume light even if they are not turned on, just because they are connected. Such is the case of the microwave, television, computers or video game consoles.

About 10% of the energy consumption of homes goes to appliances that are in standby mode, according to data from the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco).
Look for cost-saving gadgets. Today there are many electronic devices and energy-efficient appliances, such as televisions, washing machines or the refrigerator.

Check how much these devices consume in your home, over the years technology has improved, but if they are older they may be consuming more.
Use nature to your advantage. Try to have light curtains that allow natural light to pass through. Sometimes a skylight can go a long way in illuminating a dark room. In the end, the fewer hours you have the lights on, the better for your receipt.

You can also open windows in different rooms to create cross ventilation and cool your home without having to use fans.

How to Save Water And Gas?

For these other services there are also some very simple recommendations that you can carry out:

Change the water faucets and the shower for savers.
Swap out the toilet for one with a smaller tank.
Avoid leaving the keys open while you are brushing your teeth, shaving or washing your hands, this also applies if you are washing dishes.
Reuse the water whenever you can, for example, that of the washing machine for the toilets or to clean the patio.
Every time you install a new gas tank, check it well, sometimes the keys are leaking or not fully connected, this can also be dangerous.
Consider using a solar water heater or one that saves gas.
When not in use, turn off the heater pilot and close the tank.
Also try to get the whole family to bathe around the same time, to take advantage of the fact that it is already on.

Finally, even if you consider that they are small changes in your consumption habits, in the end you will be able to see how they are reflected in your receipt and with this you will also be helping the environment.