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Start From Home With These Business Ideas

A few days ago we were talking to you about jobs that you can do from home. However, as in the Economist Entrepreneurs Blog we want you to become a great businessman, today we want to expand that list by adding other jobs that you can carry out from your own home and that, perhaps in the not too distant future, take to set up your own company within a labor sector that you will know perfectly. Entrepreneurship is easier than you think!


Today the Internet is full of blogs on tremendously diverse topics that seek to expand their workforce with new workers. Therefore, if you like to write and want to work comfortably from home, here is a great option. And who knows! Perhaps in a short time you will be encouraged to create your own blog networ .

A company on the Internet

Stores that sell pre-owned baby items such as Greenkid ; shops that sell costumes like Funidelia … There are many companies that develop their business through the Internet. Why do not you also think one business online? Although it is necessary to know how to make it known due to the large number of companies that exist today, it can be an excellent way to start while working from home .


Any company worth its salt has a wide portfolio of salespeople who are dedicated to selling their products and services with great professionalism. Are you an outgoing and very communicative perso ? In that case, here is a new business path that you can carry out from your own home and that, in the future, may offer you the possibility of having your own company in which you offer commercial services.

Website Builder

Have you studied computer science or are you great at everything that has to do with it and do you want to exploit this quality? In that case, don’t wait any longer and create your own company in which you offer services for the creation of Web portal , design, mobile applications and all kinds of elements that are part of the online universe. You just need a computer, great knowledge in the sector and a lot of desire to undertake !