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Top Ideas to Decorate the Ceilings of Your House

Ceilings tend to be the last area in a room to consider because let’s face it, not many people look up! Ceilings are often white and act as a subtle backdrop for functional and decorative lighting.

But the latest trend is to draw attention to the fifth wall and treat it as its own focal point.

Let us mention that you can always consult your residential roofing contractor and discuss what is best for your roof but here are room decorating ideas for your ceiling that are sure to add a whole new dimension to any room in your home.

Moldings, rosettes and ceiling panels

Celebrate existing old-school architecture or add definition and detail with modern plaster moldings or reclaimed tin ceiling panels.

A white ceiling fades and goes unnoticed. Presents an opportunity to create a striking ceiling in your preferred style.

Simply add any type of trim or paneling detail and immediately the eye is drawn upwards.

Designer tip: try mixing styles! For example, adding a touch of old ceiling decor with a more contemporary design is a great combination.

Fabric ceilings

A traditional way of covering ceilings and adding sophistication to homes, fabric ceiling panels can determine how casual or formal an interior will be.

Choose silky fabrics to create luxuriously smooth ceilings, or choose burlap or grass cloth for a more realistic look.

Wood paneling on top

Add linear rhythm to your wood paneled ceilings. A paneled wood finish can echo a solid wood floor to provide visual symmetry, or opt for something like whitewashed paneling to complement cooler floor finishes like concrete and tile.

A great eco-friendly and inexpensive alternative is bamboo, which is wonderfully sustainable and perfect for an earthy, bohemian, or Japanese-style interior.

Matching ceilings

Combine the decoration of the ceiling or the finish with other elements of the room: curtains, floor finishes or upholstery.

You can mirror the floor finishes by creating the same pattern or color on the ceiling. For a less dramatic effect, mimic a pattern on the rug, curtain, or sofa. Or mimic finer touches like metal handles in ceiling d├ęcor.

Lacquered and glossy ceilings

A traditional lacquer finish will create a super shiny and impressive ceiling. This option is perfect for a bold and daring interior. Lacquer is best applied on solid colors for maximum effect.

Paint it

Choose deep, dark colors for depth, metallics for opulence and drama, or pastels and patterns for fun and whimsy.

It doesn’t have to end in just one color, either. If your style allows it, use various colors, geometric patterns, or special painting techniques. The sky is the limit!

Always remember to take into account the final finish: matte finishes for a more, subtle effect or high gloss for an emphasized impact.